moving image



16mm Film, 4K/DCP, 25′, stereo sound

A Composition of a human figure placed in a challenging position. The impossibility of the image is discharged into movement and sound, into a stream towards a freeform: of the performer, camera and image.
In the centre of the work is the movement between spaces, dialogue between control and reflex, improvised* performance and poetic text in dialogue and interaction with a space of various reflective materials such as mirrors and stones. *Improvisation as form of knowledge
Performers: Keiko Yamamoto, Emma Hammarén, Vanessa Billy, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Pietari Peltola, Sini Pelkki, Villa Ruscica
Poetic text: Emma Hammarén, Voice: Emma Hammarén
Cinematography: Pietari Peltola F.S.C.
Composers: Marja Ahti and Keiko Yamamoto
Sound Design: Anne Tolkkinen
Distribution by Av-arkki


IS ALL, 2021

Digital video, 9′, stereo sound

Time, transience, and presence through interpretation, repetition, and imitation.
The texts, variations by Emma Hammarén and Mikko Kuorinki 

Excerpt of Is All / Vimeo link 




16mm Film, HD, 16′, stereo sound

Departing Shadow examines the forming of a connection and its failure.

The interaction between a space, a performer and a camera.

Trailer of Departing Shadow / Vimeo link

Performer, composer: Keiko Yamamoto / O Yama O

Cinematography: Pietari Peltola F.S.C.

Sound Design: Anne Tolkkinen