moving image

SHEET NO4, 2018
16mm Film / HD, 11min. 25s.

The outlines and borders of a photograph and a human being. The title refers to a contact sheet; a sketch of a photograph, where different options and outlines are visible. The starting point of the work is interaction and interpretation between Pelkki and the multidisciplinary artist involved in the work; Emma Hammarén, Johan Jonason, Magnús Logi Kristinsson, Keiko Yamamoto as well as cinematographer Pietari Peltola and sound designer Anne Tolkkinen.



LENGTH, 2016
16mm Film / HD, 7min. 23s.

The work examines the length of a thought, the length of a moment. Through repetition and rhythm, the piece builds a sense of a narrative, distance and closeness at the same time. We are looking at a figure in an urban landscape, soon to be dislocated. The Gaze abandons and re-draws the images. Perception grapples with distances; between the figure and its landscape, between the viewer and the piece itself.




HD Video, 6min45s, silent

A Replacement depicts a room with a window. A room that sets itself between a space and a photographic image. Consisting of different elements and objects that reflect and communicate on one another. Foreground and background merge and shift into each other.






In collaboration with Jani Ruscica
16mm film transferred to HD, 1min, loops

Stasis breaks into movement in a subtle study on form, duration and the performative act.

Commissioned by MoMA PS1 & Creative Time for MTV’s Art Breaks



16mm Film/HD, 7min 30s.

Embarkation is a film that is framed like a photograph. Starting from details on the ground, through movement of repetition it builds up into a single image, like a photograph that unveils the countless images it holds inside. With simultaneous presence and absence, the work explores the relationship between still and moving image.


Previews of works/AV-arkki